Long Pipeline Heating

Industrial longline heating heating is required to ensure that liquids are transported cost-effectively and safely over long distances.

Typical long line applications include:

  • Transfer lines between processing plants or to storage or transportation facilities.
  • Freeze protection or temperature maintenance of tank farms and piers for ocean transport
  • Condensation and coagulation prevention on filters, reddlers etc…

In the absence of longline heating, the following problems could result in significant environmental and property losses:

  • Liquids becoming too viscous
  • Gases condensing
  • Liquids freezing resulting in catastrophic pipe failures

The complexity of Longline pipe heat trace system comes from the need for long electrical circuit lengths, usually with a single electrical power supply point.
Longline heating applications have several challenges, such as:

  • Large pipe diameters
  • Elevation changes along the length
  • Remote locations
  • Lack of power availability along the length

For pre-insulated pipes, additional challenges include:

  • Alignment of channels
  • Lack of insulation at the pipe joints
  • Pulling long lengths of cable through the channels
  • Lack of accessibility of connection kits
Longline Heating – A Complete Heat Management System Approach

nVent Thermal Management offers a wide range of industry-proven longline heating solutions as a complete heat management system which includes the selection of appropriate pipe heat trace technologies, advanced control system technologies, and site services in addition to turnkey services.

Heat-Tracing System
  • Electric heat trace cables that maintain the temperature of non-flowing fluids by replacing the heat lost through the thermal insulation on pipes, vessels and associated equipment.
  • Control and monitoring solutions –to help maintain the temperature of the fluid through a heat traced pipe.
  • Components and accessories – items for making electrical connections and properly completing the installation, such as end terminations, glass tape and warning labels.
  • Engineering design services
  • Procurement and fabrication
  • Site services
  • Post installation services

We can supply the individual components, provide engineering design services and will even install and maintain the entire system.

When our advanced heat trace products are combined with our site services, you get an integrated solution that is strategically planned and executed for an optimum heat management system (HMS). By managing and executing all aspects of the heat trace system design and installation, we provide a single interface to your project team.  

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