Control & Monitoring Accessories

The nVent RAYCHEM remote monitoring module (RMM2) provides temperature monitoring capability for the NGC-30, NGC-40 and ACS-30 heat tracing control and monitoring systems. The RMM2 accepts up to eight RTDs that measure pipe, vessel, or ambient temperatures in a heat tracing system. The RMM2 modules are used to aggregate RTD sensors in one remote location and send the information back to the advanced control system through a single twisted pair cable. This helps reduce installation costs since only one conduit run returns to the controller, rather than eight. Multiple RMM2s communicate with a single NGC-30, NGC-40 or ACS-30 to provide centralized monitoring of temperatures. A single, twisted pair RS-485 cable connects up to 16 RMM2s for a total monitoring capacity of 128 temperatures.

RAYCHEM power-line carrier interfaces (PLI) modules provide temperature-monitoring capability for the RAYCHEM NGC-30 heat tracing control and monitoring unit. The PLI receives input from the power wires for the heat tracing circuits, which carry the signals from special transmitters. The transmitters provide pipe temperatures from RTDs and continuity confirmation; they are typically located at the unpowered end of the heat tracing line.

The SES series of transmitters is used in conjunction with the RAYCHEM PLI and comes in two types: temperature/continuity transmitter (SES-RTD) and continuity transmitter (SESCONT).

These transmitters are used in freeze protection and process temperature maintenance applications. The system is unique in that the heating cable bus wires and power cables carry the monitoring signals. No additional field wire is necessary.

Connection and Protection