nVent RAYCHEM WinterGard FS self-regulating trace heating cables


Self-regulating trace heating cables for pipe frost protection

RAYCHEM self-regulating heating cables for frost protection of pipes and temperature maintenance of grease lines.

The WinterGard FS trace heating cables offer energy-efficient and easy-to-use solutions to prevent frozen pipes. FS-A and FS-B cables are used for water pipes. The FS-C cable can also be used for temperature maintenance of greasy waste lines. FS-C10 resists higher temperatures and is used for frost protection of dormant central heating pipes

  • FS-A-2X (10 W/m @ 5°C)
  • FS-B-2X (26 W/m @ 5°C)
  • FS-C-2X (31 W/m @ 5°C)
  • FS-C10-2X for central heating pipes (10 W/m @ 5°C)

Key benefits:

  • Easy to design and install with cut-to-length capability, cable metre marking and RayClic connections
  • Safe: no overheating possible: even when crossed or closely spaced
  • Energy-efficiency through self-regulating technology
  • Maintenance-free: no moving parts

Further energy savings can be made with various control and monitoring systems.

Technical Specifications

Nominal Power output10W/m @ 5°C26W/m @ 5°C31W/m @ 5°C10W/m @ 5°C
Nominal voltage230 VAC230 VAC230 VAC230 VAC
Maximum circuit length150m105m90m180m
Circuit breaker sizeType C: 16AType C:16AType C: 16AType C: 20A
Maximum exposure temperature (Powered)65°C65°C95°C90°C
Maximum exposure temperature85°C85°C95°C90°C
Approvals / CertificationsCE / VDECE / VDECE / VDECE / VDE
Compatible componentsRayClicRayClicCE20-01 / JB16-02 / JB-SB-08CE20-01 / JB16-02 / JB-SB-08
Weight (kg/metre)
Connection and Protection