nVent RAYCHEM EM-MI-PACK mineral-insulated (MI) constant wattage trace heating cable


EM-MI-PACK constant wattage trace heating cable for ramp heating and surface snow melting

RAYCHEM EM-MI-PACK Mineral-insulated trace heating cables prevent snow and ice formation on loading bays, ramps, driveways, external stairs, and other access ways in light commercial and residential applications.

  • EM-MI-PACK (50W/m)

Key benefits:

  • High temperature withstand for installation directly in hot poured asphalt.
  • No need for onsite termination of heating cable to cold lead; pre-terminated at factory.
  • Resistant to damage during installation due to a robust cable construction.
  • Maintenance-free: no moving parts.

Combine with VIA-DU-20 controls, SBS-xx-MV-20 multi-circuit panels, or the ACS-30 control and monitoring system for greater energy efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Nominal Power output50W/m
Nominal voltage230 VAC
Maximum exposure temperature (Powered)250°C
Maximum exposure temperature250°C
Approvals / CertificationsCE / VDE

ProductPower output (Watts)Heater Length (Metres)Circuit Breaker (Type C) Size (Amps)
Connection and Protection